Update: Netbook with Built in Aircard Gets Cheaper

In a previous post, I wrote about an Acer Aspire netbook that sells for $100 at Radio Shack. It comes with a built in AT&T aircard. Well, that deal has gotten better. Radio Shack is now selling the Acer Aspire for $79.

It seems too good to be true, and there is a catch. To get the netbook for that low price, you have to sign up for a monthly contract with AT&T. This contract lasts for two years and costs about $60 per month.

For some people who just want a cheap netbook, this is not a good deal. However, if you are in the market for a netbook and want an aircard too, this may be the deal for you. Basically, you will be paying the same price for the monthly data contract as anybody else with an AT&T aircard, and you get a cheap netbook from Acer as an added bonus.

I didn't go this route because I don't want a built in aircard. I need to be able to disconnect my aircard and use it with my laptop or my desktop. But, if you want a very small and portable computer that can connect to the internet at high speeds from anywhere with 3G cell service, you might want to check out Radio Shack's offer.

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