T-Mobile's Hot New Aircard

What does this T-Mobile Aircard offer?

* USB aircard connects to your computer to T-Mobile's 3G and Edge network.
* Provides unlimited access to wifi at official T-Mobile hotspots using the wifi connection in your laptop.
* Memory card (micro SD) slot acts as a thumb drive with up to 8 gigabytes of memory.
* This T-Mobile card works with Mac and Windows

The T-Mobile webConnect Jet, 3G, Laptop USB Modem, which runs on T-Mobile's 3G wireless broadband network will keep your Apple or PC laptop connected to the internet almost anywhere you.  It will even work in a moving car. The webConnect Jet 3G also inclueds unlimited access to at least 10,000 different T-Mobile HotSpots around the world.  That means if you are at a T-Mobile hotspot you can use your computers wifi to surf the net and send email for free with no limit on your data uploads and downloads.

T-Mobile has a nationwide 3G wireless network that provides broadband for this aircard.
This little "modem" plugs into a USB port and works without downloading software, and it has a connector that swivels into the aircard so it won't be damaged when not being used.  It also accepts micro SD cards so it can be used as a thumb drive.

T-Mobile's aircards come with one of two monthly plans, either a 200 MB per month data plan or a 5 GB monthly data plan.  If this aircard is going to be your primary connection to the internet you will probably be better off with the larger plan, but if this is just a back up or something you'll only use while traveling, you can get by with the 200 MB aircard plan.   If you go over the limit with either plan, tMobile charges $0.20 per MB.  Wifi hotspot usage is free and won't count against your data limit.

The webConnect Jet 3G Laptop USB Modem includes a SIM card just like a cell phone.   It also includes the software needed to run the aircard on your computer.  The software is compatible with Windows and Mac.  It automatically installs on your computer when you plug the aircard into your laptop.

If you use T-Mobile or you know they have a strong 3G network in your area and you want to buy an aircard to get mobile internet access, this sleek looking little USB modem may be just what you need.

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