Aircard Antennas and Boosters Extend Range

An aircard antenna or powered aircard booster may be what you need if you live on the fringe of 3G or EVDO coverage. Some people live in areas where their cell phone works, but they can't get high speed internet through their phone or through a wireless aircard. Usually, in these cases the aircard will still work but at dial-up speeds. This is because many of the wireless providers have a smaller coverage area for their broadband (EVDO) service than they do for their regular cell service.

If this is the case, you may be on the fringe, or just outside, the service range. You can find out by looking at the maps provided by most cell phone service providers. In such a case, you might be able to boost the reception of your aircard by connecting it to a larger antenna or by giving it a boost with something called a booster.

An aircard antenna allows your aircard to "see" more signals or a greater range of signals. Powered boosters actually plug into the wall and use electric power to amplify your outgoing signal and reception. Don't ask me how it works but manufacturers of boosters claim to increase an aircards range by up to 50 miles. However, there is one drawback. You may not be able to connect your aircard to an antenna if it does not have an external port or connector of some sort.

If you live in a rural area that is on the fringe of 3G cell service, an aircard antenna or booster may be what you need to finally get online at higher speeds.

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