Sprint's PCS AirCard 580 is One Option for 3G Computing

Is Sprint's PCS AirCard the best aircard? I think that depends on whether or not the Sprint network has the best coverage in your area. In the rural area where I live, Alltel has the best coverage, so that's why I bought an Alltel wireless aircard. Actually, it was a free aircard. I just had to sign up for a 2 year service agreement.

Anyway, back to Sprint's PCS card. It works like most aircards. It plugs into the card slot on your computer or laptop. Before you get one, make sure you have a card slot. If not, you'll need to go with an express card if you have an express card slot, or a USB aircard. The PCS 580 aircard allows you to connect to the internet at high speeds from anywhere in Sprint's EVDO network. If you are outside of that area, your access will likely drop down to dial-up speed.

If you live in an area where Sprint has great coverage or already use Sprint for your cell service, the PCS Aircard 580 may be great for you, but so would any of Sprint's aircards.

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