How Much Does an Aircard Cost?

Aircards are free! Well, not exactly but sort of. Most companies who provide wireless broadband through aircards do give away free aircards at no cost. However, there are costs that follow that initial free giveaway.

In my case, I was given a free aircard from Alltel, but I paid $25 to have it set up and configured. I also signed a two year contract for a service plan that costs $60 per month. My wireless card was free because it is subsidized by the cost of the data service plan.

So how much does an aircard cost? Here's how it usually breaks down:
  • Aircard .................................. Free
  • Set up fee .............................. $20 - $30
  • Monthly service plan ........... About $60
These are just estimations. If you want an aircard with built in memory or extra USB connections or any other bells and whistles you may end up paying more. Also, some providers charge more if you download more than a set amount of megabytes per month. I like Alltel because have no limit on data downloads or uploads. However, they are merging with Verizon and these plans may soon be a thing of the past.

Also, I've heard of a wireless company called Cricket that offers wireless broadband through an aircard for $40 a month, on a month by month basis, without a long term contract. Cricket aircards may not be able to gain access in many places because they are smaller than most other providers and seem to be targeting major urban and suburban areas.

My advice is to shop around. Check with the various aircard providers and see what they offer. The prices are usually similiar wherever you get your "free" aircard, so focus on getting the best plan for you.


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