How Does an Aircard Work?

People keep asking me how my aircard works. When I'm sitting in a cafe or in the park surfing the net with my laptop and aircard, people will often ask, "What is that?" I tell them it's a wireless aircard, and they usually say, "Well, how does that air card work?"

Now, I could launch into a long explanation about how the aircard communicates with cell phone towers using a 3G or EVDO signal, but I think what they mean is how do you get one of those and get it to work so I can sit in the park and surf the web too.

Here's the answer.
  • Find out which cell phone provider has the best 3G signal in your area. Unless you live way out in the country, they probably all have very good signals. It may be easiest to use your current wireless provider.
  • Then go to the provider and tell them you want an aircard and a service plan. They will probably give you the aircard and charge you 20 or 30 bucks to set it up. Then, for about $60 a month you can use the aircard as a cell phone for your computer.
What do you mean a cell phone for my computer? That's how an aircard works. It lets your laptop or desktop connect to the internet through cell phone towers. The same way that you pick up your phone and call someone, your computer can use the aircard to call an internet server.

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