Aircard Rental

Why would someone want to rent an aircard instead of buying an aircard?

There are several reasons. Some companies rent aircards. By renting instead of buying, users avoid long term commitments with cellular or wireless companies.

Travelling for business or vacation is another common reason for renting an air card. For example, if I had cable or dsl at home but I needed highspeed internet while travelling in a remote area, I would consider renting an aircard. There's also another reason to rent an aircard that makes a lot of sense to me.

Why should I rent an aircard?

If you're looking for a broadband solution for your home and you live in an area where dsl and cable internet are not available, an aircard might be the best option. But the next question is which aircard is best. I've given my opinion in a previous article. The best air card is the one that has the best coverage where you live or wherever you're going to be using it most.

I've suggested asking around to see if anyone else in your area has experience with one of the companies (Alltel, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) that offer 3G service in your area. Another option would be to take a chance and go with the company that you get your cell phone service through.

But now, thanks to aircard rental companies, you can try out different 3G aircards by renting them. You can rent aircards from the cell phone providers that you might like to use and try them out from home or from your favorite coffee shop. Then, when you figure out which one works best and gives you optimal high speed service, you can go to a dealer for that company and get an aircard. Usually, you can get the card for free with a 2 year service plan.

If you decide a rental aircard is for you, you might want to check with the wireless providers in your area, but there are also several companies that rent aircards on the web. Most charge somewhere between six to fifteen dollars per day. It may also cost to have the aircard you rented delivered and returned by mail.


  1. i did check the aircard rental services from the wireless provider . they don't offer that they just want you to commite for 2years. i did find out that a company GoWireless is offering services all over the North America mexico and Canada. the charges are very generous. we did use them on the convention in Vegas. we did save a lot money if you compare the convention center internet line from $300 to 1500 per line depend on the speed . to a $50 a week. nothing to compare the cards works everywhere . i did reffer them to many friends . you can go ahead and check them up your self . www.aircardrental.com

  2. I have used Event Radio Rentals for several business trips. They rent air cards in daily increments starting with 3 days. They are dependable and the customer support is very friendly. For about $50 a week plus the shipping you can rent a card when you need it. They can be found at www.eventradiorentals.com/orders

  3. I only use aircardrental when needing to rent an internet card. They use sprint and the connection is great, I can stream hulu without any problems and opening up websites takes seconds. Also their prices are very reasonable and they don't overcharge. I ordered my card for 10 days for 90$ which seems like a lot but it's less than other companies. They give a 2gb limit per week of renting, I went over and they didn't charge me extra, which definitily gives them consumer loyalty as far as I'm concerned. It seems to be a family business maybe that's why it's so much better than the other companies that are out there.

  4. i did rent Aircard and mifi from aircardrental they are very friendly and professional . they know sprint and verizon product better than sprint and verizon itself the prices are very good i will not switch to any other company out there even if they offer the service for free . i can call even at midnight you will find someone that can help you . if they can't they will replace the card with no question asked