My AirCard Works With My Mac

Well, I switched to Mac and my aircard still works. My wife was concerned that the iMac I bought would not work with our aircard or any of the other peripherals. But it works just fine.

I installed the software from the CD that came with my air card on the iMac, plugged the aircard into the USB port that Apple puts on each side of their keyboards, and I was on the internet at high speed just like on the PC. Actually, the icons and pop-windows on my air card software look much cooler on the Mac. I thought all that stuff would look the same on either OS.

If you're thinking about switching to Apple, I say do it. Your aircard will probably work just fine. Macs are popular now. That means the wireless broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. have to make their aircards compatible with mac computers.

Actually my iMac is more compatible with my video camera and printer than my PC is. But that's just my opinion. Actually, I think it's a matter of personality. My wife likes her PC better and doesn't want to switch. That's fine. She gets along with her windows computer and I get along with my mac.

Well, it's good to be back at Aircard Information. I haven't been writing here recently. I've have, however, written an article about aircards at eHow, and one about my switch to Apple. Check those out if you are so inclined.

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